Is There Life After Kenny?

I'm still not clear why Kenny was eliminated this past episode on Top Chef.

The others on the low end of the Totem Poll seemed to get worse critiques, leading me back to my suspicions that these shows are as much scripted as they are spontaneous (or at least manipulated).

Anyway, life goes on with the thief and clearly incapable Alex hanging in there. After last week's shocking elimination, the chefs must regroup to guess the ingredients inside a mystery box for their Quickfire Challenge while Top Chef Masters past contestant Wylie Dufresne serves as guest judge.

The element of the covert carries over to the Elimination Round when the chef'testants face the chellenge of cooking for CIA Director Leon Panetta and his closest allies inside the agency's closely guarded headquarters. (This would be an ideal time to introduce a "secret ingredient" or "spy quotient" or some such, but that would smack too much of Iron Chef. Oh, well, nice idea.)

Remember, the show starts an hour later this week (due, I think, to competition from Gordon Ramsay's Master Chef, which is now airing at Top Chef's old time).

At CIA Headquarters:

Kenny Joins the Other Eliminated Chefs

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